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Document Retention and Deletion

By default, documents are retained within AlphaTrust e-Sign. There are several ways to control document deletion from the database.

  • (On-premise/in-stack only) To cause automatic deletion of document files when transactions are cancelled or expire (that is, documents are not fully signed), there are two setting in the \AlphaTrust\Pronto\Programs\ProntoConfig.ini file that control this:
    • ProntoDeleteFailedTransactionFiles=1 - if a transaction has failed (i.e. status is Closed 7, Cancelled 8, or Expired 9, then the transaction directories and files will be deleted. This conserves file space.
    • ProntoDeleteFailedTransactionFilesWaitInDays=7 - number of days to wait before deleting failed transaction files if "ProntoDeleteFailedTransactionFiles=1". The minimum is 1 day. The default is 7 days.
  • On each transaction you may specify an absolute date to delete the document, if not already deleted by another process (see #1 above). This is the Document's DeleteDate property.
  • You would set this through the Control Panel UI in the Groups section. This is an integer value which will cause a DeleteDate to be stored for every document that goes complete. That is, when the final signature is applied to a document (and its status becomes 4) the date is calculated by adding the number of days specified in the Account for that document to the current date. This is a good way to have a document retention policy for a class of documents.