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Two-Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication is used when additional security/authentication is required to ensure the participant(s) are who they say they are. Two Factor Authentication can be set up using any of the available authentication methods supported. Below is an example of how to set up two factor authentication using PIN/Passcode and Mobile Authentication.

participant = new ParticipantInsertModel()
                  FullName = "John Smith",
                  EmailAddress = "",
                  SendRequestViaEmail = true,
                  Authentication = new AuthenticationModel()
                                       Type = AlphaTrust.Pronto.ServiceContracts.Option.ParticipantAuthenticationTypes.Password,
                                       Data = "P@ssword123",
                                       TwoFactorAuthentication = new AuthenticationModel()
                                                                     Type = AlphaTrust.Pronto.ServiceContracts.Option.ParticipantAuthenticationTypes.Mobile,
                                                                     Data = "credentialname=myCredName;mobilesendtophone=555-555-1212"