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Hardware Requirements

You may use either physical or virtual servers. The recommendations below assume that for virtual machines, the recommended cores and memory are dedicated to the virtual machine and not shared across multiple VMs. Shared VM resources will degrade performance according to the degree of resource sharing.

The following three configurations are typical and are used to recommend resource configurations. Please note that the disk space required in the repository is a function of size and number of documents you process through the AlphaTrust e-Sign™ software. A typical transaction with 100KB of document data (files, file snapshots and images) would roughly require about 100KB of file system disk space multiplied by the number of tasks/signatures that occur in the document (since we save snapshots of the document each time it's altered) and consume about 8KB of database space.

Configuration #1

Single installation with the SQL Server database and repository on the same server (typical development, test environment or small use environment).

Configuration #2

Dual, redundant application servers with the common SQL server database on a remote machine and the common file repository on a remote file share (server or SAN device). This is the typical production deployment configuration.

Dual Redundant Network Configuration Example

Config example

Resource Recommendations

Hardware ComponentsCONFIG #1CONFIG #2
Recommended Configuration:(per server)
Processor Cores (CPUs 2.8 GHz Xeon equivalent x 4 cores each)48
Memory16 GB8 GB
Minimum Local Disk Space *100 GB100 GB
These Recommended Configurations can handle the steady state transaction processing load indicated at right per hour per server, based on a standard transaction*. Additional horizontal Web application servers may be added for increased capacity. ** 3,500 10,000
(5,000 each)


* A standard transaction is a transaction containing 100 KB of document data. Modify the local disk space requirements where the repository is on the local system to suit your particular transaction volumes and document sizes. For example 100,000 standard transactions (files, file snapshots, and images) would need 10 GB of file disk space (multiplied by the number of tasks/signatures that occur in the document) and 800 MB of SQL Server disk space.

** These throughput figures assume low latency between nodes in the system (i.e. between the calling application, the Pronto SQL database, and the file share). The file share is presumed to be a dedicated SAN share connected via a high throughput connection. The use of busy data center network connections between nodes will, of course, degrade throughput.

*** Performance and recommendations based on a physical or dedicated virtual CPU cores with performance equivalent to an Intel Xeon 2.8 GHz processor core or better.