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Updating an Existing Installation

  1. Using SQL Server Management studio, open the ProntoSQL-UpdateDB-Pronto.sql script located in zip download's SQL folder. It can also be found in the \AlphaTrust\Pronto\Setup\SQL\ folder once the software update has been applied.

  2. After you open the script, change the selected database in SSMS to Pronto.

  3. Run this script to create all the required database objects in both databases. Check for successful completion messages.

  4. Run the AlphaTrust e-Sign™ 5.#.#.#.exe installer and follow the instructions.


    The installer will uninstall the previous version prior to installing the latest version. It will not delete any custom configured data or files.

  5. Go to http(s)://<>/InstallationTests in a browser to test the installation.