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Silent Installations

To use the silent/unattended installation option, open a CMD prompt as Administrator on the application server. You will need to supply all of the following command line argument keys marked as required and can include any of the optional parameters.

  • /InstallPath --> Optional (local or UNC full path)
  • /SvcUserUsername --> Required
  • /SvcUserPassword --> Required
  • /SvcUserDomain --> Required (when using a domain Service Account User)
  • /DbConnServerName --> Required
  • /DbConnLoginType --> Required (values: WinAuth or SQL)
  • /DbConnUsername --> Required (when DbConnLoginType="SQL")
  • /DbConnPassword --> Required (when DbConnLoginType="SQL")
  • /DbConnDatabase --> Required (i.e. Pronto)
  • /DbConnTrustCertificate --> Optional; set to true if desired
  • /LOG --> Optional; set to the file path for debug logging the installation process

Usage example:

"C:\Users\JohnDoe\Downloads\AlphaTrust e-Sign™" /VERYSILENT /NORESTART /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /InstallPath="E:\" /SvcUserUsername="johndoe" /SvcUserPassword="s0mEPa$$word" /DbConnServerName="" /DbConnLoginType="WinAuth" /DbConnDatabase="Pronto" /DbConnTrustCertificate="true" /LOG="c:\temp\InstallationLogFile.txt"

To shut down running services prior to updating, you can also run the following commands before running the install command (above):

taskkill /IM ProntoServerSvc.exe /F
iisreset /stop
sc config "AlphaTrustComBridge" start= disabled
net stop AlphaTrustComBridge /y