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System Logs

PRONTO™ has very detailed debugging logs which may be turned on and used to trace problems with transactions. There are 6 logging keys found in the 'Advanced' section of the 'System Logs' tab.

System Logs


In case you need to collect this files using Splunk or some other log monitoring software, The trace log files will be written to the directory defined in the \AlphaTrust\Pronto\Programs\ProntoConfig.ini file's [PRONTO_DIR] section, however, the default value is pointed to the \AlphaTrust\Pronto\Programs\Logs\ directory.

Depending on the file type, the log filename format is either:





It is not recommended to turn debugging on for a production server. If you do, please do so for short periods of time. Debug logging slows system performance and writes a large amount of data to standard disk files in the logs directory.

The Auto Reset option is recommended to always be turned on. If this setting is enabled, it will turn off all logging during the system maintenance process run, which occurs once a day (by default at 1:00 AM). This prevents logging from unexpectedly filling up your file system.