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Retrieving Your Documents

Once all participants have successfully signed your document, you may want to retrieve this document to be saved in your own document repository server. To do this, you will use the GetDocumentFiles() API method. The main parameter in this method is the DocumentFileDetailsRequestModel. For more details, reference the API Reference documentation.

You may have scenarios where you need a different version than the fully completed and signed document file. Using the Includes property, you can specify which version of the document to download from the service.

IncludeFileUnlockedSet this to true if you want to retrieve the document unlocked. This may be helpful if you need to combine the pdf with another pdf for one big print operation. You can retrieve this version of the document at any point in the document lifecycle.bool
IncludeNonWatermarkedVersionIf your PDF document is in the Pending status and you have set the document to have a watermark, you may want to retrieve it without the watermark. Setting this property to false will enable this version of the document to be downloaded. You can retrieve a non-watermarked version at any time in the document lifecycle.bool
IncludeOriginalSourceFileTo retrieve the HTML or PDF document that was original source file that Pronto used to start the transaction, set this property to true. You can retrieve this version of the document at any point in the document lifecycle.bool
IncludePdfStampedWithCopyWatermarkIf you would like to present a copy of the document that isn't the final "gold" copy, you can set this property to true. This will add a watermark of the word COPY to the bottom of every page in the PDF document. The document must be in the completed status to retrieve this version.bool
IncludeSpecificVersionTo retrieve a specific version of the document, supply the version number you would like (i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc). Version 0 will return the original source file. Version 1 will return the version as prepared by AlphaTrust e-Sign™ for processing. There will be an incremental version for each change made to the document that is not the final change. So, for example, for a document that has two signatures, version 2 will be the document after the first signature. Version 3 is the document that is the final version, after the second signature. In this example, if you specified version 3 you would receive the final version, if the document is completed (final). If you specify a specific version number larger than the last version available, the final version will be returned, if the document is in a completed (final) state. If the document is still pending you will receive the latest version.short
var req = new DocumentFileDetailsRequestModel()
                TransactionIDs = new List<object> { 1234567890 },
                Includes = new DocumentFileIncludesModel()
                    IncludeFileUnlocked = false,
                    IncludeNonWatermarkedVersion = false,
                    IncludeOriginalSourceFile = false,
                    IncludePdfStampedWithCopyWatermark = false
                    IncludeSpecificVersion = 2

var api = new DocumentsApi(myRestEndpointUrl);
var results = api.GetDocumentFiles(req, apiKey, apiSecret, apiUsername, apiPassword);

if (results.IsSuccessful.Value)
    foreach (var df in results.DocumentFiles)
        var documentID = df.DocumentID;
        var fileBytes = df.File.FileBytes;
        var fileMimeType = df.File.MimeType;
        var filename = df.File.FileName;
        // do work...
    // handle error