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SOAP Endpoints

The AlphaTrust e-Sign™ Web Service APIs are the recommended interface for all integration and development activity.

SOAP-based Web Services in AlphaTrust e-Sign™ have been implemented using Windows Communication Foundation, which can support more than Web-based (http-based) protocols.


You may retrieve the WSDL for any service using one of two methods:

  • use the "mexHTTP" protocol on the service address from your development environment (i.e. "Add a Service Reference" in Visual Studio), or,
  • use a browser or other Web service tool against the “wsdl” retrieval service address.

Configuring Endpoints

Service endpoints are exposed at a virtual Web application root called ProntoNetServices-v5, normally located at For our SaaS service these are the endpoints:

SaaS Service SOAP endpoints:

Customer Sandbox environment (SOAP):

Customer Production environment (SOAP):

SOAP On-Premise Customers

Endpoints are configured in the \AlphaTrust\Pronto\ProntoNetServices-v5\web.config file in your installation. This web.config file is setup for non-production out-of-the-box. If you require SSL/TLS for your endpoints, please replace the web.config with the contents of the web-ssl.config file in the same directory.

Out of the box the standard configuration automatically supports three SOAP web service protocols:

basicHttp - a WCF implementation of the WSI-Basic 1.1 Web services profile. This is the most widely supported profile and can be consumed by the widest variety of platforms and clients, including those based on .Net, Java, Perl and Python.

mexHttp - a standard meta data exchange protocol for retrieving service information (such as WSDL data).

You should generally not edit the web.config file. For development purposes, when not using SSL, you will need to disable transport security on the endpoints. See the comments in the web.config file's <system.serviceModel> section for information on disabling transport security.

On-Premise Service Addresses (SOAP):

Assuming a web server address of, the service endpoint addresses would be as follows:

HTTP GET WSDL retrieval (Web browser address):

mexHttp address:

basicHttp (WSI-Basic 1.1 Profile) address:

Creating a Proxy

If you are creating the proxy classes manually, you need only add them to your project. The Add Service mechanism in Visual Studio is used to automate this process and add the types in.

The wsdl executable will read the WSDL file that you reference and generate the proxy code.

For a Java proxy, you can follow their instructions found in their documentation.