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Signature Prompts for HTML Documents

The HtmlOpenPromptAnchor property is an option string that specifies where to anchor the HTML page for a particular signature. Normally, when AlphaTrust e-Sign™ displays the page with a signature prompt block (i.e. Click here to sign), it scrolls the page (using an HTML anchor) to the location of the signature prompt block. If your application requires that the top of the displayed page be anchored at a different location (i.e. you want the user to read some text before seeing the prompt block) you can specify the location of the anchor for this signature using this text field. This value is the name of an <a> tag.

For example, you could specify ANCHOR_0001 in this field and then add an anchor tag (i.e. <a href="#" name="ANCHOR_0001">&nbsp;</a>) to your HTML document at the desired location. During processing AlphaTrust e-Sign™ will set the replace this anchor name with a unique anchor name and scroll the page to that location upon display for signature. This is only meaningful for HTML documents. For PDF documents, use the PdfOpenPromptPageNumber property to open the document to a specific page.