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Signature Placement for HTML Documents

AlphaTrust e-Sign™ inserts visible signature blocks during the signing process. By default these signature blocks are inserted just above the </body> element so that they appear at the end of a document. Additional signature blocks, when more than one person will sign a document, are added below the preceding signature block.


If you wish to control the placement of signature blocks, you must insert signature placeholders into the document prior to submission to AlphaTrust e-Sign™. An AlphaTrust e-Sign™ signature placeholder has the format:

/signature/ or /s/

An AlphaTrust e-Sign™ signature block will replace the signature placeholder. A signature block can take up to half the width of a normal page, so you should not put more than two signature placeholders on one “line”. A common strategy is to create a two-column table the width of the page to hold the signature placeholders. For example:

<table width="100%">
        <td width="50%">/s/</td>
        <td width="50%">/s/</td>


For best results, do not include any white space characters before or after the signature placeholder. The placeholder should be enclosed in an HTML tag (i.e. <p>/s/</p> OR <td>/s/</td>) without leading or trailing white space characters.

Signing Order

The signing order is determined by the order of appearance of the signature placeholders in the HTML file. If the signing order you will use is not in agreement with the natural flow of the HTML, you may specify the exact signature number for a particular location. The format of such a signature placeholder is:


Where ## is a 2 digit zero padded number corresponding to the signature number. You must specify the correct number of signature needed. Do not mix signature styles (for example, /s/ and /s:01/).

For example, if you have three signatures for a document, you could use:




To tag the location of each signature, even though they do not appear in the natural HTML flow. In this example, the first signature will be placed last in the document.

The signature block includes the name of the signer (in one of the four formats supported by AlphaTrust e-Sign™: Font-Stamped, Registered, or Mouse-Drawn), the typed name of the signer, and optional authentication information.