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Signature Placement for PDF Documents

A Signature Information Annotation contains basic audit information about a signature. It is available for PDF formatted documents only. It is implemented as a PDF text note annotation embedded next to a signature within a signed PDF document. An example:

Signature Annotation 1

The signature information annotation is indicated as a green "text note" annotation. Hovering over the text note (with recent versions of Adobe Acrobat/Reader) will show the contents. Clicking on the text note will open it and display the contents:

Signature Annotation 1


This feature has limited support in most browsers and PDF reader software not made by Adobe.

To enable signature information annotations in a particular document, you must set the Document's EnableSignatureInformationAnnotation property to true.

document = new DocumentInsertModel()
               Title = "My Test Document",
               EnableSignatureInformationAnnotation = true,
               Source = new SourceModel()
                   FilePath = @"c:\myDocument.pdf"
               Tasks = new List<object>
                   new TaskInsertModel() {}